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Artichoke is a native-based liquidity provision protocol built on the Arbitrum One blockchain. Unlike many other protocols, Artichoke provides a one-sided liquidity layer to any token on top of any well-known decentralized exchange.

AMMs, LPs and staking protocols have been widely used throughout the crypto ecosystem since inception. This is due to its simplicity and straight-forward, permisionless liquidity provision for new assets created on-chain. Regardless its widespread adoption, interacting with LPs, and staking itself, are not financially efficient and far from a flawless experience.​

Several protocols such as Uniswap have improved LPs from V2 to V3 introducing range orders and one-sided liquidity provision. However, improvements are still not as efficient as we expected. Newer projects find really hard to build new and strong liquidity pools without giving up initial incentives.​

Artichoke attempts to solve this issue by building a single-sided LP protocol for staking assets, without the need to provide stable USD-pegged liquidity on the first stage of protocol cycle.

Disclosure: Theoretical statements are constantly subject to improvement, which means they can be changed without prior notice. We’ll keep updating the community on our usual channels.

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